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Villa Roma Jacket Set

Rs. 16,500.00


A Roman fresco-inspired print features a rich palette of earthy tones, geometric patterns, and classical motifs. It mimics the depth and texture of frescoes, incorporating scenes from Roman life or mythology. Architectural elements like columns and arches, along with balanced compositions and Roman-inspired lettering, complete the design, evoking the timeless elegance of ancient Rome.

The set features a sleeveless jacket with belt and pants. The pants are back elastic and front band. The set is crafted in pure linen.

Model is wearing a size small and height is 5'9

Jacket Length - 28"
Pant Length - 37"



Product Care

Low heat ironing advised. Garment should be stored in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight. Airing the garment at regular intervals increases its lifespan.

Shipping & Returns

Domestic: Delivery in 12-15 business days.
International: Delivery in 20 business days.

Villa Roma Jacket Set

Rs. 16,500.00


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